Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gordon Brown to Star in New Star Trek Movie

Gordon Brown as Klingon madman Shah-Ton d'Rich.

Universoid Studios today announced that Prime Minister Gordon Brown will star in the new Star Trek ‘prequelsequel’ to be titled Revenge of the Klingons.

The plot of the film sees the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise come up against the Klingons for the first time since the Great Leader TahtQar deposed the Klingon Emperor Qal-la-Han. Brown will play the insane leader of the Klingons, Shah-Ton d’Rich who is attempting to destroy the Earth by taxing gravity. Publicist Damian McDolly says, 'If ever there was a natural Klingon madman, it's Gordon, what with his diet of fingernails and things that come out of his nose. The first thing that comes to most peoples' minds when they think of Gordon Brown? Klingon Bastard!'

Earlier rumours that there was also a part for Chancer of the Exchequer, Alistair Dalek were quashed when the film’s PR department leaked that the word ‘exterminate’ was not in the script. He is widely expected to be offered a part in the remake of the Marx Brothers classic Horse Feathers. Which of the Marx Brothers he will play is open to much speculation. Spin Magazine reports that he will play the part of Groucho (thanks to his ‘Groucho’ eyebrows) although many believe he is more likely to take the part of Karl.

John Redwood was not available for comment.

You couldn't make this up.


  1. If Gene Roddenbury was alive today he'd be turning in his grave.

  2. Surely they should rename it Star Trot.

  3. I think Gordon Brown would make a killing if he did this. He owes it to the public to do the film, make shit loads of money and pay back the tax-payer. The bastard might even get elected if he earns all the money in the world. There would no money for anyone else because he earned it all and he becomes the King of Planet Earth.