Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wait a bloody minute. I thought this was a website about clogging. Always wanted to try it but could never get over to Holland during the clogging season to buy the shoes. Oh well.

So whats all this bloody blogging stuff about anyhow? Probably not as much fun - but definitely safer - than clogging. In Britain clogging is illegal due to the unnatural influence of Elfin Safety, whoever they are. Stops dwarves getting splinters between their toes I think.

Now there are a number of people I've read about lately who've discovered that blogging can be harmful to your elf. This Damian McBride fellow for a start. If he had taken up clogging instead of blogging he could have limped away with nothing more than a broken toenail after a serious clogging accident instead of having been dumped by his friend and lover Gordon and make to look like a total clown in all the newspapers. Some people have mentioned that he really does look like that but the lad is only 34 so obviously he got dressed up specially for his picture with Gordon. Shouldn't have bothered I'd think.

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